"BONA Pizzeria" cuisine



BONA Pizzeria cuisine - it’s a blend of modern culinary technology combined with healthy seasonal products from local farmers. Our pride is wheat flour pizzas, salads and hot dishes, made in a special charcoal oven MIBRASA - from delicious pork ribs, or guineafowl breasts to the salmon. Here we use the best seasonal local farmers’ products. No matter when you visit us, the taste of these dishes will create a sense of a summer picnic.

For those, who look for traditional tastes we offer modern improvisation of cold beet soup, precise selection of the best Lithuanian farmers’ cheese, traditional karaite pastry with traditional, slowly simmered for more than 6 hours chicken broth.

The author of this menu is one of the best Latvian chefs Juris Dukalskis, a leading chef of “Restaurant 3“ recognized as second-best restaurant in Riga by the Scandinavian guide “White guide“. We are pleased with our long-lasting mento-ring and creative cooperation with our team of professional chefs - Artūras Naujokas and Irena Traskovskaja, who ensure that all the dishes served to our guests would exceed their expectations every day.

Enjoy your meal!