"BONA Pizzeria" cuisine

Our “BONA Pizzeria” offers some of the most famous Mediterranean dishes - pizzas, pastas and salads. It's a popular daily menu, characterized by simple and light meals. Fans of traditional Lithuanian and Karaite cuisines will find something interesting, too: “zeppelins” (potato rolls stuffed with meat), kibinai (traditional Karaite dish) and other favourite dishes.

“BONA Pizzeria” is unique by garden treasures cultivated by our family and other Lithuanian farmers (herbs, vegetables, berries), in combination with the best products from certain regions of Italy. Our dishes preserve the authentic taste of a meal, familiar to everyone - exactly like in your mom's kitchen: real, simple and with love.

A novelty in this year's “BONA Pizzeria” menu are meals, created by the famous spanish chef Sergio Bastard. Sergio likes to work in countryside restaurants or pubs, surrounded by peace, harmony and beauty of nature, where he loves to create light meals from vegetables and herbs growing straight in the nearby garden. Sergio meals feature incredible simplicity, achieved by this chef with his high level of culinary mastery.

Enjoy your meal!