About us

Our complex owns “BONA Pizzeria” and “BONA Lounge”, “Round Table Club” restaurant and “Round Table Club”  hotel, that are situated in the very heart of the town of Trakai, on the Galvė Lakeshore, in front of the castle reminiscence of the times of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

“BONA Pizzeria” and “BONA Lounge” attracts with their cosy and relaxed atmosphere. The pizzeria offers traditional Mediterranean dishes. In the snack bar our visitors can enjoy spanish snacks - tapas with meat, seafood and vegetables, small delicious servings of creatively presented meals. Each appetizer is a new experience, discovery of a new flavour and a new sensation.

“Round Table Club” restaurant is a place for exceptional guests, exclusive holidays and unique moments. Here we offer gourmet dishes and exclusive wines from our extensive list of wines.

Comfortable, stylish four - star “Round Table Club” hotel immersed in the family atmosphere, with a spectacular view of the Trakai Castle, is an ideal choice for a relaxing and high quality vacation, surrounded by the landscape of natural and historical spirit.

While staying with us, our visitors can enjoy the excellent, high - quality food, staff professionalism and attention, a tasteful, elegant environment and, of course, the beautiful Trakai surroundings and it’s historical greatness. Our daily goal is to help guests feel uplifted from everyday life and to pamper their palates and hearts.

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