BONA Lounge cuisine


BONA Lounge cuisine - it’s a blend of modern culinary technology combined with healthy seasonal products from local farmers. Our pride is our grill dishes (local fish and beef steak) made in a special charcoal oven MIBRASA - from beef steak, delicious pork ribs, catfish or guineafowl breasts to the summery grilled fruits. No matter when you visit us, the taste of these dishes will create a sense of a summer picnic.
The author of this menu is one of the best Latvian chefs Juris Dukalskis, a leading chef of “Restaurant 3“ recognized as second-best restaurant in Riga by the Scandinavian guide “White guide“. We are pleased with our long-lasting mentoring and creative cooperation with our team of professional chefs - Artūras Naujokas and Irena Traskovskaja, who ensure that all the dishes served to our guests would exceed their expectations every day.

Visit us and enjoy new taste discoveries!