Why BONA Lounge?

The fabled history of the Lithuanian Grand Duchy have left no one indifferent also in creating the menus of BONA Pizzeria and BONA Lounge snack bar.

The current Lithuanian tourism symbol – the town of Trakai – for centuries was famous not only as a political and social centre, but also as a melting pot of different nations. A diverse cuisine of the world came to Lithuania following the foreigners arriving here. No wonder comments of feasts held in Trakai castle used to spread around the entire Grand Duchy of Lithuania. It is here that eventually the Karaite cuisine has flourished, and very soon the Queen of Poland and the Grand Duchess of Lithuania Bona Sforza also caused a real revolution. Born in Italy during the Renaissance, she had an excellent taste. Bona Sforza was not only well educated but also well versed in the then fashion, and she soon become a cuisine icon.

Within a few years, Bona Sforza became a real patron of the Polish and Lithuanian cuisine. She was fascinating to the nobles of the time, for organising the kitchen gardens in her castles, of which she took care of herself. Coming from Italy to another end of the Europe, Bona was longing for the traditional Mediterranean products. Soon, she brought in the first cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, cauliflower, beans, celery, leek and many other vegetables, which quickly became an integral part of the Lithuanian and Polish cuisine.

Tradition started by Queen Bona Sforza inspired us to create a menu of the Bona Lounge representing a variety of international food flavours.