Bona Pizzeria

Who are we?

Restaurant and hotel complex with unparalleled views

Hospitality is our passion.
That is what we have been living every day for more than 25 years.
The Round Table Club complex is located in the heart of Trakai, on the shore of Lake Galvė, opposite the Castle of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, in the heart of The Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

Guests gather for a magical historical aura, enchanting natural beauty, elegant surroundings, attentive service, and wonderful food.

Unique location

One of the most beautiful places not only in Lithuania, but in the entire Baltic region

Between two lakes, on the shore of Lake Galvė, where in the true sense of the word is a unique view – the historic Trakai Castle: in this place there is a “Round Table Club” complex.
The spirit of the castle of ancient times, the hypnotic tranquility of the lake and the natural landscapes become a magic ingredient, which no other restaurant in Lithuania can be proud of.
That ingredient is intangible, but wonderfully palpable and enjoying food inside, and spending time on the outdoor terraces.

Delicious meals are not left indifferent to the beautiful views, and the different menus and styles give guests a wide range of choices.
Families with children, couples, friends’ companies are the most popular beaua pizzeria and bona lounge.
Here you can enjoy familiar Lithuanian and world cuisine – delicious, served modernly and creatively.

Meanwhile, guests looking for a gourmet experience, elegance, and exceptional attention choose the „Apvalaus stalo klubas“ restaurant. During its 25 years of existence, the „Apvalaus stalo klubas“ has become famous not only in Lithuania – but we have also liked guests from abroad, exceptional personalities: representatives of royal families, presidents, other famous people.

„Apvalaus stalo klubas“ spaces of the complex often become a venue for both personal and business events. Birthdays, weddings, christenings or corporate gatherings – strategic sessions, trainings, presentations – held with us will be remembered for a long time.

TOP 30 (Restaurant, Hotel)

Gourmet menu, exceptional service, and a well-stocked drinks card are the 30 best restaurants in Lithuania. We are among them!

The prestigious “30 best restaurants” project “Apvalaus Stalo Klubas” is the best restaurant not only in Trakai, but also one of the best in Lithuania.

Our menu basis – the modern Lithuanian authenticity.

The restaurant’s menu combines history and modern worlds. Through the different cooking techniques, the creativity of the combinations, the visuals of the dishes, and the fresh local ingredients, the latest „Apvalaus stalo klubas“ menu satisfies even the most whimsical guests.

The kitchen masterfully weaves a variety of cooking techniques: from traditional and historical, such as tanning, drying, salting or baking, to modern. And lately, most of the local products are very fresh, transported from the surrounding farms. During the season, they are complemented by freshly picked fruits, vegetables, and berries from the restaurant’s host’s garden.

A gastronomic trip together with the restaurant team is created here by internationally successful mentors-mentors. Pasquale Palamaro, the chef of the Italian restaurant “Indaco”, which has earned the Michelin star, is the co-author of the current “Apvalaus Stalo Klubas” menu.

More about Lithuanian restaurants TOP 30 here.

WHY BONA? (Bona Lounge/Bona Pizzeria)

Bona Lounge and Pizzeria's name and menu were inspired by the historic past.

Throughout the centuries, Trakai, the current symbol of Lithuanian tourism, has been famous not only as a political and social center, but also as a boiler of nations. It is not in vain that talk about the feasts held in Trakai Castle spread throughout the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. It was here that the Karaite cuisine flourished in the long run, and very soon the Queen of Poland and the Grand Duchess of Lithuania Bona Sforza also caused a real revolution.

Born in Italy during the Renaissance, Bona Sforza had great taste. Not only well educated, but also well versed in the fashion of the time, she soon became an icon of the kitchen. Within a few years, this princess became a real patron of Polish and Lithuanian cuisine. She was worth marveling at the nobles of that time when she set up gardens in her castles, which she cared for herself.

Queen Bona Sforza started the tradition and inspired us to create menus for “BONA Pizzeria” and “BONA Lounge” that reflect the cuisines of different nations.

Culinary mentorship

Menu created with foreign chefs - mentors

In order to develop our team and strengthen the gastronomic culture in the country, we nurture the idea of culinary mentoring. In Lithuania and abroad, we are constantly looking for like-minded – foreign chefs who want to share their knowledge, cultivate culinary competence and spread the culture of hospitality outside the restaurant.

The following masters have visited the restaurant, presented lessons and special dinners: one of Iceland’s most famous chefs Ragnar Omarsson and his assistant Bjorgvin Myrdal, Spanish culinary star Sergio Bastard, Bordeaux chef Stephane Casset Stephano, one of the best restaurants in Riga Rado Mitro, who has also worked at several Michelin-starred restaurants in Ribe, Tallinn.

The restaurant’s latest menu was created by Michelin-starred Italian chef Pasquale Palamaro in collaboration with the “Apvalaus stalo klubas” team.

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